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BASE360 products are now available at select Pure Hockey retail locations

Most Popular Products

  • cut resistant shirt, hockey, neck guard, wrist, protection,  slash, safety, skate blade, women


    PERFORM Plus BNQ CPZ Shirt

    $79.00 - $84.00

    ALSO AVAILABLE IN WOMEN'S SIZE - see PERFORM Plus BNQ CPZ Shirt (W) BNQ and CE certified integrated neck guard with soft velcro closure Patented Cut Protection Zones™ – 360° of flexible BASE...

  • cut resistant, hockey, achilles, calf, protection,  slash, safety, skate blade


    Cut Resistant Sock


    BASE CutTech™ design provides full 360° lower leg protection Smooth and cool construction dissipates heat and allows airflow Thin foot bed construction for increased moisture wicking Lightweight...

  • cut resistant, hockey, goalie, achilles, groin, calf, protection,  BASE360, slash, safety, skate blade


    Protekt CPZ Pant

    $84.00 - $89.00

    NO VELCRO TABS (but has pocket for cup and includes a removeable cup). Designed for goalies or players who wear separate cup/ garter belt Cut Protection Zones™ – BASE CutTech™ protection for the...