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About Us

banner.jpgBASE360 Inc, headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, is a design and manufacturing company dedicated to creating innovative CUT PROTECTIVE safety products for sports, law enforcement and industrial applications.

BASE360 is the leader in cut protective performance apparel.  Improving safety through our patented designs and technical knowledge helps our customers minimize the risk of personal or corporate injury.  Protection and performance start with a dynamic BASE layer…the stronger the foundation the greater the benefit.  Protection from injury, sweat or heat requires 360 degrees of attention.  With a commitment to quality and functionality, BASE360 sets a new standard for safety for the sports we play and the jobs we do.  base360-banner-v2-web.png

BASE360 is the #1 line of cut protective equipment for hockey and is designed to be lightweight and provide protection to exposed critical areas of muscle, tendons and arteries.  The game has changed and we believe the equipment should as well.  Now worn at all levels of hockey, including the NHL, BASE360 has become the new standard for protection amongst players, goalies and officials. 

BASE360 has engaged with speed skating and Alpine skiing in the development and design of sport specific apparel.  Both sports are unique and where edges are sharp and racing with confidence is a must, athletes need to be comfortable with their base layer. 

BASE360 has also been implemented in law enforcement and with correctional officers to provide base layer solutions that provide protection against overt and unknown threats.

Through various proprietary manufacturing techniques, the company creates unique products and styles that converge the protective and performance requirements for athletes and individuals.

Where Protection Meets Performance