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A strong BASE is important to good performance, so we take a 360º view of protection and performance.  We believe our clients deserve the best and we won’t compromise on our high standards. 

BASE360 Coolskin® performance fabric is made with a revolutionary high performance MST micro fiber technology. Due to the unique blend of filaments and their configuration within the thread, a greater surface area for moisture is created which accelerates the vaporization process.  Specific knitting patterns further maximize the capillary action of the fabric, increasing its ability to absorb moisture off the body to its outer surface. Coolskin® fabrics disperse moisture over larger areas in record time, as supported by independent studies.

Coolskin® enables superior odour control and fiber degradation resistance through the use of a powerful antimicrobial agent. BACT-OUT® is integrated into the fiber by combining application expertise with proprietary nano-technology manufacturing processes. Laboratory results confirm that BACT-OUT® retains a 99.9% kill rate even after 50 washes reducing foul odours and discolouration of the fabric. 

BASE360 PRO and Speed series integrate revolutionary T3® Design Technology with our patented protection for an unbelievable advantage you can’t get in any other base layer.  By addressing all muscle groups and rotational movements affiliated with the upper and lower body plane, T3® Technology alleviates the binding and body ride up associated with close fitting apparel.


  • Patented ergonomic, triple-gusset design.
  • Provides unparalleled range-of-motion through the pectoralis, serratus and latissimus dorsi muscles and therefore complete freedom of movement.
  • Acts in synergy with key muscle groups in the torso to eliminate restrictive binding and riding up.


  • Sartorius & Quadriceps Gussets - Allows for full rotation and extension of leg without restriction or binding throughout the hip and knee joints.
  • Adductor Magnus Gusset - Allows inner leg to extend and rotate without restriction or binding throughout the quadriceps.
  • Hamstring & Gluteus Maximus Gussets - Allows for full extension from hip to knee without any restriction or binding in the upper leg and hip joints.


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