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An Atlanta Fire hockey player suffered a significant laceration to his wrist, when he was cut by a skate.  After delivering a body check, Chase Pearson (15) fell on an opponent’s skate resulting in severe trauma.  It was deep cut but missed the artery.  After some stitches and a few weeks or rehabilitation, Chase was back playing hockey and is now protected with  BASE360 products.   His father, a former NHL player, spoke about the incident and commented “BASE 360 products can help prevent these types of injuries, and I would highly recommend wearing the socks and shirt as part of anyone’s hockey equipment, no matter what level of hockey they are playing.” - Scott Pearson – Atlanta, Georgia

Designed to be light and comfortable, the BASE360™ (BODYARMOUR®) hockey sock provides the performance and protection required for today’s game.  Skates are sharp and protecting the critical areas of the ankle, achilles and calf is the best strategy in reducing injury. "My son loves his new BASE360 socks....Thanks!" - D.Carle, NMHA

My son (novice) and daughter (atom) recently started wearing your BASE360® shirts.  I wanted to let you know how much they enjoy them and how they tell all their teammates about their protection.  My son says its super comfortable and even wears it around the house.  Knowing that they have increased protection from skates makes me feel better.  Thought you should know.- C. Everton, Toronto

BASE360®’s new compression hockey pants are unbelievably comfortable, lightweight and keep you totally dry on the ice.  The added protection around the calves and ankles is extremely important as those areas of the legs are too often left exposed when sprawling out to make that great desperation save.  Now with incremental protection above the knee and inside the groin, simply put, these pants are the best product of this type that I have ever worn.  I highly recommend them to any goalie who takes performance and protection seriously. - Andrew Mercer, Owner AMHD and Member Goaltending Consulting Group.

My son plays minor hockey and has worn the BASE360® shirt for 2 years.  This year he began wearing the BASE360® pant after receiving a skate cut on the ankle and one on the Achilles in two separate games.  He really likes the comfort of the pant when he plays and also how it keeps his muscles warm. - J. Ieradi, Ottawa

My son is a goalie and I was always concerned about the exposed area at the back of the pads.  I ordered your hockey pants and I wanted to let you know how much my son likes them.  Now he only wears the pants under his pads and no longer has to pull on the hockey socks.  Great product. - G. Stevenson, Vancouver

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